Cree Elder Henry Beaver from Fort Smith, NWT

Cree Elder Henry Beaver

A couple nights ago, I was at a Round Dance in Edmonton with my family. Our little boy was asleep and being held by his uncles so that Keavy and I could dance and visit. I saw Henry Beaver there from Fort Smith with his daughter, Jolene, and her cousin, Julie. Holy cow, it was a little Fort Smith magic. I sat with them and we caught up.

I thanked Henry for being such a great Elder for me. He's always been there.

I am proud that he is one of our stars in Three Feathers, our new movie, with his wife, Eileen Beaver.

Get ready for for Fort Smith magic and grace.

Mahsi cho, Henry, for your gentle guidance all these years.


Also, mahsi cho for letting me upload photos and videos of you.


You, Eileen, Jane Dragon, Earl and Marlene Evans, Kenny Hudson--all my elders: you make me so proud to be from from Fort Smith.

You also make me a better human being.




Mahsi cho.

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