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Personal Stories, Arts & Recreation

R.I.P. Baby G with Micky P

To commemorate his brother, Micky P gets a new tattoo and talks about what the art of tattooing means to him

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Personal Stories, Arts & Recreation, Leadership

Feather Reine: Healing through Dance

A story of healing and reconnecting with culture through pow wow dancing.

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Traditional Knowledge, Language, Way of Life, Teachings / Stories, Dances / Songs

Mossbag and Swing Teachings

Mossbag and Swing teachings shared by Dr. Darlene Auger.

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Current Issues, Traditional Knowledge, Way of Life, Teachings / Stories

Ceremony and Identity

Ceremony is a place where you can learn about who you are and where you come from.

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Current Issues

Voices of Amiskwaciy: Elder Wilson Bearhead

Elder Wilson Bearhead shares his thoughts on the genesis of the Voices of Amiskwaciy project and its value for Edmonton's Indigenous communities.

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