Harold Cook

Harold Cook - My Story

The sexual assault occurred in the winter of 1963 and when I told Fr. Ruyant and Sistrer Hebert, they did not believe me.  It rooted itself in me, it took its toll and impacted my family and my life.  I carried hatred and anger for John Comeau all these years until 2015 when I began releasing it after hearing from Annie Bob and the treatment at Tsow Tun Le Lum Center in Lantzville, BC.  I met a gifted elder, Annie Bob who said that in order to heal, I have to forgive John Comeau, Fr. Ruyant and Sister Hebert, also recognizing what was done to me was evil and started recognizing some of the positive things that I did in my life.  I realize that I have a deep compassion for victims of sexual assault and angry at the ones who commit this act.  The victims do not deserve this and as part of my work with the Residential School victims and victims of Sexual Assault, I have anger towards the accused but a sense of compassion for the victim and encourage their healing. I have attended a number of events and was there in support.......make sure that you do debriefing when you watch my story, this is what happened to me personally and I own it, and am on a healing journey until I leave this world.