Teaching Kindergarten students about family with Elder Theresa Strawberry

In the spring of 2018, Elder Theresa Strawberry visited teacher Kyla Pronovost and her kindergarten students. She shared teachings about the roles,value and honour of women, children, family and life from her worldview and experiences. The children chose to reflect their understanding and learning through drawings that they created.

National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls: Visual Art

In November 2017, the National Inquiry into Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls arrived in Edmonton, Alberta. High school students were invited to take part and examine the impact on communities and families. Together, they created
artwork to honour the lives of the missing and murdered women.

National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls: Music

In November 2017, the National Inquiry into Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls arrived in Edmonton, Alberta. Elementary school students were invited to take part and learn about the impact on communities and families. They were also given an opportunity to interview one another on camera with iPads.

First Meetings Project Photograph Exhibit

The project staged a setting where French/European Voyageurs men first meet the Aboriginal peoples in their camps and villages. The idea was to portray the true setting, where Canada’s First peoples are seen as healthy, friendly people who helped the first white voyageurs and settlers live on the land.  Many ideas and artworks of the “First Meeting” have been portrayed in history as negative, scary and shown in an idealized, romantic light.  We created an environment that was closer to the true history of the first meetings, where First Nations peoples are portrayed as healthy, kind and helpful people who shared their resources with men who had been travelling for months and in most cases were starving.

The exhibit is up in Galerie Cite until April 2018, and video components of the project will be up on the La Cite Francophone website in February.

Harold Cook - My Story

The sexual assault occurred in the winter of 1963 and when I told Fr. Ruyant and Sistrer Hebert, they did not believe me.  It rooted itself in me, it took its toll and impacted my family and my life.  I carried hatred and anger for John Comeau all these years until 2015 when I began releasing it after hearing from Annie Bob and the treatment at Tsow Tun Le Lum Center in Lantzville, BC.  I met a gifted elder, Annie Bob who said that in order to heal, I have to forgive John Comeau, Fr. Ruyant and Sister Hebert, also recognizing what was done to me was evil and started recognizing some of the positive things that I did in my life.  I realize that I have a deep compassion for victims of sexual assault and angry at the ones who commit this act.  The victims do not deserve this and as part of my work with the Residential School victims and victims of Sexual Assault, I have anger towards the accused but a sense of compassion for the victim and encourage their healing. I have attended a number of events and was there in support.......make sure that you do debriefing when you watch my story, this is what happened to me personally and I own it, and am on a healing journey until I leave this world.

The Curious Case of the 1908 Enoch Surrender

In its initial state, Chief Lapotac’s reserve, later known as Stony Plain Indian Reserve and finally Enoch Cree Nation, would be approximately 44 square miles or 44 sections of land.  The reserve encompassed a land base that stretched from present day Acheson, closer to Spruce Grove, then the banks of the North Saskatchewan River on its South East Corner. The first significant surrender took place on January 20, 1902 in which twelve sections of the Northern portion of the reserve were surrendered and taken up for settlement. The sale of these lands attracted many purchasers including McDougall and Secord among others. In subsequent discussions, obligations and payment to Enoch would be questioned when the government approached with another request for surrender.