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Voices of Amiskwaciy: Elder Wilson Bearhead

Voices of Amiskwaciy is a digital public space that supports the community to create, share, discover and celebrate local Indigenous content online. With the support of Canada 150 grant funding, Edmonton Public Library has worked to develop this initiative in consultation and collaboration with Indigenous communities and individuals in Edmonton. Voices of Amiskwaciy is a space owned by the Indigenous community.

The values that underpin this initiative were formed through several community discussions and consultations, including a pipe ceremony led by Elder Wilson Bearhead. The process has been fluid and responsive to community feedback. This includes all development aspects of the website, programming, outreach and communications with Indigenous communities.

In this video, Elder Wilson Bearhead shares his thoughts on the genesis of the Voices of Amiskwaciy project and its value for Edmonton's Indigenous communities.

Jim Cunningham: Residential School Survivor

At 77 years old, Métis senior Jim Cunningham shares his story of attending Sturgeon Lake Indian Residential School. He opens up about his experience, detailing the abuse he suffered at the hands of other students as well as school administrators.

Teaching Kindergarten students about family with Elder Theresa Strawberry

In the spring of 2018, Elder Theresa Strawberry visited teacher Kyla Pronovost and her kindergarten students. She shared teachings about the roles,value and honour of women, children, family and life from her worldview and experiences. The children chose to reflect their understanding and learning through drawings that they created.

National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls: Visual Art

In November 2017, the National Inquiry into Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls arrived in Edmonton, Alberta. High school students were invited to take part and examine the impact on communities and families. Together, they created
artwork to honour the lives of the missing and murdered women.

National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls: Music

In November 2017, the National Inquiry into Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls arrived in Edmonton, Alberta. Elementary school students were invited to take part and learn about the impact on communities and families. They were also given an opportunity to interview one another on camera with iPads.

Healing Our Spirit Worldwide 2006 - Edmonton, Alberta

Photos of Lynn Brant, Allen Benson, Allen Benson passing on the conference to Aboriginal Australians, Navaho Code Talker and others

Home Fire

Home Fire explores family violence and restorative justice from an Aboriginal perspective. Featuring commentary from Elders, community leaders, and members of the western justice system, Home Fire examines the colonization of Canada, historic trauma, the western justice system and grassroots healing programs in Aboriginal communities.

Ceremony and Identity

Traditional ceremonies are still performed in Aboriginal communities today. Ceremony is a place where you can learn about who you are and where you come from. The Elders have the knowledge. The youth have the responsibility to carry it on. To access Teacher Lesson plans for this video and others visit

How to Stop Bullying: Show Your Kindness

Bullying occurs everywhere and between people of all ages. It happens in our homes, at work, and in school. The community of Fort Chipewyan, Alberta is taking a courageous stand against Bullying by returning to the traditional values of KISEWATISIWIN (Cree) & BEYIJA NAZON (Dene) which is translated to: Show Your Kindness. SHOW YOUR KINDNESS tells the story of a teenage girl bullied to the brink of suicide and her emotional journey back to family, community, and culture. How do you Stop Bullying? Simple. Show Your Kindness.

The Bang You Feel

The BANG You Feel was filmed inside the Edmonton Institution for Women and on the downtown streets of Edmonton. The gritty and realistic documentary pulls no punches as it follows the women as they battle their addictions and the strong pull of their old lives, habits and relationships.